Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our mission in the Brick Farm Group is to create a local closed-loop enterprise that combines a sustainable farm, local market, and tavern.  The goal is to provide the best tasting food in the most responsible and sustainable manner possible based on three pillars of sustainability 1) the humane treatment of animals 2) local food, local employees and local community development and support 3) maintaining a sustainable energy plan.

Our Meats

The unique experience and products at Brick Farm Market start with our meats. Our butcher shop and meats prepared in The Café are raised by our farm, Double Brook Farm, right here in Hopewell. The animals that provide the meat are raised on pasture, with a diet that is 100% grass fed or supplemented with a carefully sourced non-GMO feed, grown by local farmers, and milled at our farm. Our animals are processed on our farm in our USDA-inspected abattoir, reducing both our energy footprint and enhancing animal well-being.

Our Produce

Our produce is carefully sourced with the following criteria: 1) our first choice is always our farm, 2) we further select produce from local farms where we know the farmer and approve of their practices, 3) when growing conditions, seasonality or geography precludes us from local sourcing, we choose produce from organic farms and, 4) as a last resort, if our farm, or locally grown organic produce is not available we make the best choice possible within the guidelines of our mission statement.

Our Challenges

Our pastured, organic practice, open air, farming is subject to weather events and other challenges not seen in commercial factory farms.  Therefore, from time to time, you may notice shortages, or we may need to source products from other vendors. Although we feel these other products are not entirely comparable to our own, we make all efforts to find products that most closely match our philosophy.

Our Commitment

We have chosen to combine 3 of the most difficult businesses involved in feeding our community: a farm, a restaurant, and a retail market. We feel that changing the paradigm in our food system is so incredibly important that we spare no effort to constantly improve what we do and how we do it. We are not perfect and nowhere near the finish line, but our commitment to our customers is to provide tasty food that meets our mission. Our tag line is “the food you want from the farmer you know.” This food is local, healthy, sustainable, humane, responsible, and delicious. We appreciate your patronage and the support of our efforts as we pursue our mission.