Coffee Bar

Brick Farm Coffee Bar

Featuring Brick Farm Market Coffee

Admittedly coffee is not a “local” product, but Brick Farm Market fans strongly espresso a need for their morning brew.  To satisfy these cravings we bend our mission statement to bring you the very best coffee from around the world.  In searching for the most flavorful, sustainable and farm friendly coffee we found a partner who can source coffee directly from family farms throughout the world at the peak of freshness.  The coffee beans are picked, shipped, roasted, packaged and delivered all maintaining a chain of custody.  This accomplishes many goals, but foremost, without many middle people, we provide a better return on crops for the family farmer and bring our guests a high quality fresh product at a reasonable cost.

Another unique aspect of our new vendor is the ability to bring our customers a seasonal coffee – special beans which will rotate to coincide with harvests.  In addition to our House, Decaf and Espresso we will feature seasonal selections throughout the year.  Stop in and try our new coffee and pick–up a retail can for home brewing.  And what’s up with the can?  Although canned coffee gets a bad rap it’s only because of the commercial coffee that was put in the can.  Don’t discriminate against the can.  It’s easier to scoop, it stands up nice and straight, stacks easily and it is the more environmentally friendly option.  Keep calm and buy the can!

Stop in today to try all of the delicious things we have to offer!