Butcher Shop

Brick Farm Butcher Shop

Know the Source of Your Meat

All of our butcher shop meats are sourced from only two farms.  Our Farm, Double Brook Farm in Hopewell, NJ, raises Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Goats, limited Beef and Duck.  The bulk of our beef is raised for us at Thistle Creek Farm in Tyrone, PA.  All of our ruminants are pasture raised on 100% grass and our poultry and pigs are pasture raised with a locally grown, non-GMO feed.  Double Brook Farm has one of the few “on farm” slaughterhouses in the United States.  This accomplishes not only a far more humane slaughter process, but also a superior meat product due to the limited stress the animal endures.

Professional Staff

Our butcher shop and counter staff are on hand to help you choose any cut of beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey that your recipe, oven, or grill calls for.  Our available portions include all well known cuts as well as more specialized, hard to find varieties.  Since we always use the entire animal we are ready to handle special or unique orders.

Hard to Find Cuts

If you are looking for truly hard to find items such as organs, feet, skin, tails and heads, you have also come to the right place.  We don’t want any portion of the animal to go to waste – therefore we strive to sell or use every part.

The Farm only harvests a limited number of animals per week so inquire with our butcher shop when new cuts are expected or ask our skilled butchers which cut of meat might work if what you came in for isn’t available. For any special requests, please give a week’s notice so that we may coordinate with the farm to fill your order.