Remember the intoxicating smell of fresh-baked cookies after a long day at school? Have you ever watched your grandma peel New Jersey peaches for a crumble, forcing you to count the minutes until dessert? Are you one who only eats cakes ‘from scratch’ because the others just aren’t worth it? We at the Brick Farm Bakery are bringing these memorable tastes back to baking thanks to the talents of our baking staff! All of our sweets are made on-premises from the freshest, best-quality ingredients. We dare you to pass by the case without stopping…




Why is it so difficult to find a really great crusty loaf of bread with that chewy, creamy-tasting crumb? Because these loaves take time, effort and a lot of TLC. The bakers at the Brick Farm Bakeshop know the importance of the right yeast (sourdough, levain or wild?), the right flours, and the essential time and care it takes to craft one delicious slice of bread. Our creative bakers love experimenting with local grains, methods, and different flavors of the season. Try a hearty fruited wheat loaf, a perfect croissant or simply the best baguette you can find!