Our butchers are on hand to help you choose any cut of beef and pork, lamb, chicken or turkey that your recipe, oven, or grill calls for. All of our meats come first from animals raised right down the road on the pastures at Double Brook Farm. If we do not have that livestock available, we will source it from a partner who cares about raising animals the same way we do. The cattle and sheep are exclusively grass-fed and all of our animals have rotating land on which to forage in the fresh air and sunshine.




The Farm only harvests a limited number of animals per week so inquire when new cuts are expected or ask our skilled butchers which cut of meat might work if what you came in for isn’t available. Our  crew will walk you through any combination of cut, preparation, seasoning, and cooking time you can throw at them. They all love to ‘chef it up’, so be prepared to stay a while!